GFH Module 3 – Casey – Game of Life – HSC230 – Draft 2

The Game of Life:

Game Board:

Board game.png

Pieces in the works:


I kept the same idea from my first draft and added a few moe things that can happen in the game if you land on certain spaces. I shared my game with someone from outside of class to get a different perspective.

What they liked: It is informative, creative and fun to play. Minimal game pieces so things don’t get lost. It is easy to understand.

What could make it better: Maybe add 3 free spaces called the “Lottery” in which if a player lands on them, they will receive 10 points to either take off of their stress or give to another player. Also a few spots where they land and share a stressful situation in their life and they have to come up with a solution to get minus 3 points at the end.




Photo Time-HSC230- Gray

This week I did a photo project, we had to accomplish taking portraits of one another, landscape photos and also abstract pictures. I really enjoyed taking these pictures, I have also had an interest in photography from the first time I took a photo class in high school. It was fun to plan out the locations of our shoot and how we were going to make the photos.

I also took an online class to having to do with portrait headshot photos. It taught me that you have to find a place with good lighting that it will be evenly spread across the subjects face, so that there are no shadows. It also showed me how and when to use different camera point of views. Here are some snippets from the class that I wanted to share with you:

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.27.37 PM.png  Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.26.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.41.36 PM.png

Check out my photos here:

App Review: Adobe Lightroom:


  • easily fix and improve photos
  • easily organize
  • adjust brightness, saturation, and light
  • HDR mode
  • Share on social media


  • confusing if you don’t know photography terms
  • does not link with google drive (which I use most of the time)

I would give the app 5 stars, it is very easy to use and maneuver around. I think a lot of people don’t know about this app and it should definitely be more popular.

Before Lightroom:landscape 2.JPG

After Lightroom:


Collage of best work:


Screen recording on how to use Lightroom:


Flipboard article:


I personally love sunset/sunrise pictures so I found this article very interesting and useful for my very frequent sunset/sunrise photos. Some tips I found interesting was bring extra light for your camera lens. Use HDR to have a better contrast, this gives you better control of the photo when you go an edit it later. Shoot where you can use silhouettes, so that it gives you a better effect with the bright colorful sky and the black shadowy objects below.






GFH Module 1-Casey-hsc230-Games Gone Healthy

The game that I chose to play was Sex Phrases and Sexy Singing. These were very easy games to understand and to play. I got a couple of friends together to play both of these games. For Sex Phrases we used a printed out sheet of the phrases and would randomly chose one with our fingers. Then we would essentially play telephone and see how the phrases ended up. We played 8 times and 6 out of the 8 times the phrase made it all the way through.

Here is an example of the Phrases:

Sexy Singing was a bit of an unusual game. We pulled up YouTube on our TV and played about 5 songs from the list provided to us. A few songs we used were: Sexy Can I -Akon, California Gurlz -Katy Perry, S&M-Rihanna, OMG-Usher and Whistle-FloRida. All of these songs have sexual innuendos included in them, whether it be about actual sex or women.

SWOT Analysis of Sex Phrases:

Strengths: shows how rumors can be started, hoe things can get twisted, SexEd.

Weaknesses: outdated info, awkward to pass along for some

Opportunities: education on topics, teach kids effects of word of mouth.

Threats: some kids may not participate

SWOT Analysis of Sexy Singing:

Strengths: easy to play, simple, awareness of sexual innuendos in today’s songs

Weaknesses: could update list

Opportunities: gets people talking, especially about artists using this language

Threats: probably not going to change people’s views

CESS Podcast for Health

This week in class we had to do a podcast about different topics in the health and technology world. My group and I (CESS) made sure that we knew a lot about the topic so that the conversations could just flow. We talked about preventative medicine, new innovations in the digital health world, games for health in reference to the benefits of playing video games and also social media.

Listen below to find out more info!:


Creating this podcast was a very good experience in my opinion, to got us talking about all the new things that are coming in the digital health world in 2018 and beyond. I also found myself listening to  lot of other podcasts. I am going to list a couple of my favorites below:

    1. Can Wearable Fitness Trackers Help Drive Behavior Change?
      1. Dr. John Moore, focused on wearable devices and their link to behavior change. I found this very interesting and east to listen to. A couple little things that I noticed was that he was a very good speaker, he was easy to listen to and was very enthusiastic about what he was talking about rather than some others I listened to with monotone voices.
    1. “Artificial Vision. Real Results.”
      1. This was a very interesting one for me, it focuses in on artificial vision. It talks about a company design of a device called the MyEye2.0 and all of its successes.


Group Members:

Sam Duncan

Elianna Sanchez

Sherisse Maloney

Casey Gray


Digital Health on the Brink of Successes

4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health

This article outlines some of the positive aspects that can come from playing video games. Obviously in context of moderation, because sitting playing video games for 6 hours isn’t healthy for you. This article talks about positive impacts that are cognitive, motivational, emotional and social. First person shooter games can enhance accuracy, quicken attention allocation, and increase mental rotation ability. Gamers develop spatial skills that can be compared to people that are in formal courses designed to teach that same skill. There are a lot of games out there that have to do with problem solving, so it only makes sense that gamers develop better problem solving


skills. As for the motivational tactics, gamers and kids normally keep working on a game, say on story mode to beat the game, no matter how many times they fail they have something in them that makes them want to keep going. “Gaming may be among the most efficient and effective means by which children and youth generate positive feelings.”


Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology: The Day Before Tomorrow kicks off with a look at health disruptors

This is an article and a video segment that explores things like wearable technologies which I have talked about in my previous blogs. There is an obvious growth in the reaction ship between technology and health. As said before, wearable technology in an extension of individuals and lets them monitor their health while also maintaining it. They also talk about synthetic biology, which is the practice of engineering bacteria on a bid to allow human to do things they are incapable of in their natural state. A quote from the panel session stated that “As human beings we’re not great at doing calculations, but computers are, so we can get them to do calculations in the most easily digestible form for humans. There’s a lot of optimisation that can be done.”

Video Segment below:



In this article, it talks about how the world is getting smaller and smaller and in reference to healthcare, that is true. A claim stated that the world will be short 12.9 million health care workers by 2035. Artificial intelligence could be the solution for this problem by integrating it into apps. AI help with optimizing clinical processes they can check for vitals, and also suggest education for common allergies. With is Doctors are more free for more critical cases. AI can allow for early and precise diagnosis, it can help with prevention which is better than the cure as the saying goes. Something I found very interesting is AI is in the works of trying to find a solution for blindness, diagnose sleep disorders and many other things. As for the future “Currently humans are irreplaceable when it comes to caring for another human. No algorithm is able to empathize with any of its cases. That’s for a human to do! It yet cannot function as a doctor or a nurse on its own, it can only be consulted.”

Twitter Takeover

This past week I took over the Suny Oswego Twitter account @ozhealthtech. It was a very different experience than just using my normal social media account. I had to put in a lot more thought into what I should post and how it pertains to health and technology. I enjoyed posting on the twitter account because I learned about a lot of important aspects of digital health and upcoming news in the field. 


I chose to use the automated posting tool Buffer. This made things a lot easier through the week, I would find things the night before to post and then I could just get on the app the next day and post them at different times. It made things very effortless and a lot less stressful. It saved a huge amount of time.

What Does a Successful Social Media Takeover Look Like?

I found this article very interesting. It talked about how organizations use celebrities for a lot of social media takeovers. For an example the LAKings hockey team asked for an actress to come live tweet one of their games even though she doesn’t know much about hockey. Even though she didn’t know much, her popularity and fame and personality would attract fans to the game.



Twitter Takeover Video:


Other articles I read:’t-manage-you)/