GFH Module 5 – Casey – hsc230 – How do you cope with stress?

I am excited to show you guys the final product of The Game of Stress. I think that is it a really cool game that can help you determine what kind of stress relief you can use in certain situations. I played it a couple times with some friends but forgot to take a video so I am going to upload one of me just explaining. I am going to drop pictures of the game pieces and board so that you all can download them and print them off,  I will not supply the scissors though. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did


Click these links below for the PDF versions, you will be able to download and print them off!!

Game board                       Stress Free

Stressors                              Stress Relief



GFH Module 4 – Casey – Why stress when you can play! – hsc230 – Draft 3

I have been working on a board game called “The Game of Stress”. This is a board game that gives you stressful situations if you land on different spots, but on other spots it gives you stress relief things you can do to cope in a healthy manner.

I am on my third draft for the game, making changes as I go. I had two of my friends play the game and see what they liked about it and what they didn’t. I also had them both do a SWOT analysis for me so I could see it in word what my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats where. This is going to help me a lot in the development of my game. Hope you guys keep reading, at the end of making my game I am going to post downloadable pieces so that everyone can try!!

Below I am going to post the SWOT analysis and also the pictures of what stage my game is in now:


Game pieces.JPG

Hope you guys like where it is going and tune it for more to come!