Twitter Takeover

This past week I took over the Suny Oswego Twitter account @ozhealthtech. It was a very different experience than just using my normal social media account. I had to put in a lot more thought into what I should post and how it pertains to health and technology. I enjoyed posting on the twitter account because I learned about a lot of important aspects of digital health and upcoming news in the field. 


I chose to use the automated posting tool Buffer. This made things a lot easier through the week, I would find things the night before to post and then I could just get on the app the next day and post them at different times. It made things very effortless and a lot less stressful. It saved a huge amount of time.

What Does a Successful Social Media Takeover Look Like?

I found this article very interesting. It talked about how organizations use celebrities for a lot of social media takeovers. For an example the LAKings hockey team asked for an actress to come live tweet one of their games even though she doesn’t know much about hockey. Even though she didn’t know much, her popularity and fame and personality would attract fans to the game.



Twitter Takeover Video:


Other articles I read:’t-manage-you)/


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