Dance Battles?

Exergameing: the activity of playing video games that involve physical exertion and are thought of as a form of exercise

Just Dance 2018

Just Dance is a game that has been around for years. I personally remember hanging out with my friends and literally playing for hours, going through all the songs over and over again. 2018 is one of the newest games out for Just Dance(obviously) and it has really created a buzz. A lot of users were used to playing the game with the XBOX Kinect, but as of recently, they have been discontinued. Ubisoft, the creator if the game had to come up with something new, and so far its has been working. Although I did not get to actually play this game because I do not own a game system compatible, or the game itself but I did do a ton of research. I am going to break the game down for you below so be sure to check it out!



  • Colorful, attractive graphics
  • General songs that many people know
  • Lyrics and Dance moves are displayed in the corner
  • Kids mode, which makes it more simpler and there is also no winning or losing
  • Routines are well rounded, ranging from easy to challenging
  • Interface is easy to navigate
  • great way to get moving
  • Shows calories that were burned in each dance
  • Many platforms to play on
  • A lot of different modes to play on
  • Controller app on your smartphone


  • There is a mode called Unlimited where when you buy the game you get a free 3 month subscription to songs from past games, the drawback being that you have to pay after the 3 months is up
  • Kinect is being discontinued, so there is no for sure way yet to know of the game is going to go back to having to use controllersScreen Shot 2018-12-03 at 8.08.52 PM.png

To me these graphics are great, they are fun and colorful. They are attractive to the eyes of adults and also younger children playing the game. Just Dance 2018 can be played on many systems such as, PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Wii. Wii U, X-Box One and X-Box 360

Controller App


The next game I am going to be reviewing for you all is called Dance Central 3


Dance Central 3

This is a game I was not familiar with prior to my review, but after doing a ton of research I have learned a lot about it, it has similarities to Just Dance, obviously both being dance games,but it also has a lot of differences. Down below I am going to break down my personal Pros and Cons for you guys to give you a little idea about the game.


  • Diverse Playlist, songs from every decade are available for you to dance to
  • Story Mode, where you are a CIA Agent trying to save the world by racking up power moves, this to me gives you a purpose.
  • Multiplayer where you can dance battle your friends
  • Choreograph your own routines
  • Rehearsal Mode if you are new and want to get a look and how things are going to go in the game
  • Easy to track calories


  • No Live, which means you cannot play other people from around the world (to me this would be very weird to have someone watch my dance moves, but hey the people want it)
  • I personally was not attracted to the graphics, it looked a little dated to me, kind of reminded me of Grand Theft Auto Graphics
  • Only can use on Kinect, which means this game is only available for the X-Box 360

dance central 3 main.jpg


Personally I am more of a fan of the Just Dance games, they are more appealing to me and I may be biased but I would much rather dance freely than, trying to save the world through dancing…like in Dance central.


Importance of Technology in the Health World

Fitness OnDemand

One of the articles/videos I watched was the Fitness on Demand. Fitness on demand are programs that are dedicated to specific workout through video. These workouts can be, zumba, spin class, yoga, or even a high intensity workout. Fitness os demand makes it possible for more class times, more class formats and more class participants. It can be programmed through kiosk in an empty studio space at a designated time that you can sign up for online. Some popular programs are: Jillian Michaels, Insanity, and Zumba.

Check out this video if you want a look at it:


IoT which stands for Internet of Things is the new buzz. Almost everything we touch everyday has to do with some sort of technology. And IoT will become revolutionary in the next few years.

In the medical world, doctors, care facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics and assisted living care centers are even increasingly using advanced technologies to improve their operations. By using more technology that organizes data,it provides a higher utilization of resources, improved patient experience, increases stability, and also increased energy efficiency. This will also cut costs dramatically. I found this very interesting from my other research that relates that even more people are using technology in the medical field. I think that it is a really good idea for health care costs and health care in general. I would love to see where this goes in the future and even in the next year. Internet-of-things-in-healthcare.jpg                                      IoT-in-health-care.jpg

Microsoft unveils sensor-laden smart scarf prototype

A smart Scarf? Microsoft researchers have now demoed a smart scarf that on common can heat up and vibrate. It is composed of sensors that are connected to a main sensor, which is then connects to bluetooth, so all you have to do is touch a button on your smartphone. This can be useful for people with autism and have trouble managing their emotions, it could comfort them. Going forward they also want to incorporate cooler the user down in an indication that the user is stressed. This scarf is a very discreet way of hiding technology.

Right now, it is more of a concept than a creation Microsoft says, but who knows where it could lead to.


Check out my video, where I talk a little but more about these topics below:

Photo Time-HSC230- Gray

This week I did a photo project, we had to accomplish taking portraits of one another, landscape photos and also abstract pictures. I really enjoyed taking these pictures, I have also had an interest in photography from the first time I took a photo class in high school. It was fun to plan out the locations of our shoot and how we were going to make the photos.

I also took an online class to having to do with portrait headshot photos. It taught me that you have to find a place with good lighting that it will be evenly spread across the subjects face, so that there are no shadows. It also showed me how and when to use different camera point of views. Here are some snippets from the class that I wanted to share with you:

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.27.37 PM.png  Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.26.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.41.36 PM.png

Check out my photos here:

App Review: Adobe Lightroom:


  • easily fix and improve photos
  • easily organize
  • adjust brightness, saturation, and light
  • HDR mode
  • Share on social media


  • confusing if you don’t know photography terms
  • does not link with google drive (which I use most of the time)

I would give the app 5 stars, it is very easy to use and maneuver around. I think a lot of people don’t know about this app and it should definitely be more popular.

Before Lightroom:landscape 2.JPG

After Lightroom:


Collage of best work:


Screen recording on how to use Lightroom:


Flipboard article:


I personally love sunset/sunrise pictures so I found this article very interesting and useful for my very frequent sunset/sunrise photos. Some tips I found interesting was bring extra light for your camera lens. Use HDR to have a better contrast, this gives you better control of the photo when you go an edit it later. Shoot where you can use silhouettes, so that it gives you a better effect with the bright colorful sky and the black shadowy objects below.






Digital Health on the Brink of Successes

4 Reasons Video Games Are Good For Your Health

This article outlines some of the positive aspects that can come from playing video games. Obviously in context of moderation, because sitting playing video games for 6 hours isn’t healthy for you. This article talks about positive impacts that are cognitive, motivational, emotional and social. First person shooter games can enhance accuracy, quicken attention allocation, and increase mental rotation ability. Gamers develop spatial skills that can be compared to people that are in formal courses designed to teach that same skill. There are a lot of games out there that have to do with problem solving, so it only makes sense that gamers develop better problem solving


skills. As for the motivational tactics, gamers and kids normally keep working on a game, say on story mode to beat the game, no matter how many times they fail they have something in them that makes them want to keep going. “Gaming may be among the most efficient and effective means by which children and youth generate positive feelings.”


Wearables, the quantified self and synthetic biology: The Day Before Tomorrow kicks off with a look at health disruptors

This is an article and a video segment that explores things like wearable technologies which I have talked about in my previous blogs. There is an obvious growth in the reaction ship between technology and health. As said before, wearable technology in an extension of individuals and lets them monitor their health while also maintaining it. They also talk about synthetic biology, which is the practice of engineering bacteria on a bid to allow human to do things they are incapable of in their natural state. A quote from the panel session stated that “As human beings we’re not great at doing calculations, but computers are, so we can get them to do calculations in the most easily digestible form for humans. There’s a lot of optimisation that can be done.”

Video Segment below:



In this article, it talks about how the world is getting smaller and smaller and in reference to healthcare, that is true. A claim stated that the world will be short 12.9 million health care workers by 2035. Artificial intelligence could be the solution for this problem by integrating it into apps. AI help with optimizing clinical processes they can check for vitals, and also suggest education for common allergies. With is Doctors are more free for more critical cases. AI can allow for early and precise diagnosis, it can help with prevention which is better than the cure as the saying goes. Something I found very interesting is AI is in the works of trying to find a solution for blindness, diagnose sleep disorders and many other things. As for the future “Currently humans are irreplaceable when it comes to caring for another human. No algorithm is able to empathize with any of its cases. That’s for a human to do! It yet cannot function as a doctor or a nurse on its own, it can only be consulted.”

Social Media in Health

Social Media for Wellness

Using social media for health and wellness can be a great thing if that is the thing for you. No everyone is connected with social media, but it makes sense for the people that are to take advantage of it. Although the internet can by very overwhelming when researching health, it can also be very helpful. A lot of sites, specifically the one I looked at,, uses a system of 70/30. This means that for every 10 posts, 7 are resourceful and 3 are promotional. Obviously when using the internet there is going to be promotions and I think that that is okay, it is how companies make money, but if they are giving out resources for health then why not?

Apple Health Data used in Murder Investigations

Recently, I have come across some articles that talk about how the pre-installed health tracker on your phone has helped investigators find evidence against murder and rape victims. The app records steps, nutrition, sleep patterns and also heart rate. In the article I read it showed that the steps that were shown on the phone were crucial in how the police determined the act of disposing the body. I think that this could be a really good thing. If you have a prime suspect and are trying determine the path they took to whatever crime they were committing, using the steps could be very helpful.

App or Not to App

This was my personal favorite to read. It talked about how there are so many apps today that deal with health and a lot of them dealing with mental illness. I think this is a really good thing. It could be a more practical way to deal with someones illness rather than going to therapy, some people are just not comfortable with it. It is so practical, it can be available to anyone and very helpful. These apps could also be misleading if they are not used correctly. They talk about the criteria on how to determine if an app is good. There are five aspects to the criteria that I will share below2017-02-13-1486976947-766984-APA.App.Model.jpg

I chose to focus on social media for wellness this week because it is very interesting to me. I enjoy using social media for health and I can be very tech savvy so it comes easy to me. All these articles were so interesting to me and brought new ideas to me that I can explore.