Social Media in Health

Social Media for Wellness

Using social media for health and wellness can be a great thing if that is the thing for you. No everyone is connected with social media, but it makes sense for the people that are to take advantage of it. Although the internet can by very overwhelming when researching health, it can also be very helpful. A lot of sites, specifically the one I looked at,, uses a system of 70/30. This means that for every 10 posts, 7 are resourceful and 3 are promotional. Obviously when using the internet there is going to be promotions and I think that that is okay, it is how companies make money, but if they are giving out resources for health then why not?

Apple Health Data used in Murder Investigations

Recently, I have come across some articles that talk about how the pre-installed health tracker on your phone has helped investigators find evidence against murder and rape victims. The app records steps, nutrition, sleep patterns and also heart rate. In the article I read it showed that the steps that were shown on the phone were crucial in how the police determined the act of disposing the body. I think that this could be a really good thing. If you have a prime suspect and are trying determine the path they took to whatever crime they were committing, using the steps could be very helpful.

App or Not to App

This was my personal favorite to read. It talked about how there are so many apps today that deal with health and a lot of them dealing with mental illness. I think this is a really good thing. It could be a more practical way to deal with someones illness rather than going to therapy, some people are just not comfortable with it. It is so practical, it can be available to anyone and very helpful. These apps could also be misleading if they are not used correctly. They talk about the criteria on how to determine if an app is good. There are five aspects to the criteria that I will share below2017-02-13-1486976947-766984-APA.App.Model.jpg

I chose to focus on social media for wellness this week because it is very interesting to me. I enjoy using social media for health and I can be very tech savvy so it comes easy to me. All these articles were so interesting to me and brought new ideas to me that I can explore.


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